Wednesday 5 September 2007

Another Longhorn, Another Rootin' Tootin' Toilet

Longhorn Steakhouse
6691 Lake Andrew Drive
Melbourne, FL USA 32940

Where is it?

This one's a little challenging to find. From the main entrance, head to the back wall, with the bar to your right and the dining room to your left. Take an immediate left, through the back section of the dining hall, and keep walking towards the far wall until you're about 50 feet from the edge of the restaurant. At that point, look for a corridor on your right that looks a little like a waitress station but doesn't have a cashier or drink station there. That's your destination.

What's it like?

While not exactly an identical match to the other Longhorn bathroom reviewed on this site, this bathroom still manages to reproduce the charm of that aforementioned loo, albeit in a more subdued (or should I say "sub-dude" since this is a cowboy-inspired steakhouse) manner.

It's clean, spacious, quiet and filled with cheesy-but-fun Wild West-inspired decor. No, the stalls aren't made to look like outhouses (like in the other location), but there's still plenty of humorous memorabilia to be found here, especially on the walls. Plus, modern design (marble vanity counter, automatic sinks, silky foam hand soap, etc.) adds a sense of restraint to the mix, making it clear the place takes its facilities seriously but not so serious as to not make it devoid of fun for visitors.

I wasn't awed by what I experienced here but I did smile a lot -- and for chain restaurants, that's certainly welcome.

Marks out of 10:


Comments to the Management:

A good, solid bathroom that extends the theme of the restaurant. While not stellar, I'm not sure there's much room for improvement either. So.... keep up the good work, pard'ner!

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