Tuesday 17 July 2007

Old Style is on Way Out at Thameside Fish and Chip Heaven

United Kingdom


Where is it?

Starting from the main bar head to the right (upriver) and through the door to the right. This takes you virtually outside. Go to the right and up the stairs. You’ll see the ladies in front of you. For the men’s, turn left and then the door is on the left.

What’s it like?

Let me start by saying I love these toilets.

Lots.... Get the picture?

(In fact I’m trying to make space for lots of pictures as this is as much a historical piece as anything else).

Now down to business. This is a biker pub turned good. No doubt to some peoples’ disgust this place is now a Gastro pub par excellence. And what’s more it serves the second best fish and chips I’ve had in years. It is absolutely marvellous. The only thing that would have made it better on this day would have been some sun to let us sit outside and take in the view of the Thames and the Eton footbridge.

So what about the toilets? Well they certainly provide a wow. Old built in wood cabinetry with old style china certainly provide a sense of style that you rarely get these days. The tiles add to the light but clean feel. The window looking over the Thames is frosted enough to provide privacy, but you can still get some of the view when you look out.

Having said all this they are showing the signs of age. The sink is chipped and I guess this has got the health inspectors going as the ladies’ were being refurbished. Nice modern very high quality units were going in as I passed by. It’s rare for me to say this, but I’d prefer to stick with the old. It had the feel of history and permanence that makes me want to campaign for refurbishment of what’s there rather than a stripping out and replacement.

So, I’d rush to get and see these before they go if they haven’t already.

Go on, you should be there already!

Marks out of 10:

10. Go and feel a piece of history.

Comments to the management:

Don’t destroy what you’ve got. Make it better!

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